Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TOUR OF THE MUSEUM Part 4 Young's Brewery Harness

On 15 September 2006 Young's Brewery delivered the last horsedrawn barrels of beer in London. As the two Clydesdales, Bomber and Buster, returned home so ended a 400 year old tradition of brewing at the Ram Brewery, Wandsworth.

The Museum is extremely fortunate to have this superb collar, hames and bridle dating from the 1920's donated to it by the Ram Brewery. The workmanship in these pieces of harness is truly first class. Take special note of the Ram emblem on the top of the collar and on each of the bridle winkers.

Beside the collar is the apron worn by drayman Henry on that last days delivery and which he so kindly donated to the Museum.

Around this display are photographs of the old Mountjoy Brewery in Dublin and various other Drays in multi horse hitches.

For this exhibit, the museum would like to thank the head coachman, Kevin Flynn and the directors of Young's & Co.

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